Coatbridge Lawyers lists a number of legal aid law firms with lawyers and solicitors who offer legal aid to clients in Coatbridge, Airdrie and Motherwell. Legal aid can offer assistance to meet the cost of legal advice from a lawyer. It can help make it easier to obtain professional legal advice for those who qualify. It can be used to assist with the cost of a variety of legal matters including Contact with Children, Family Law, Civial Court Work, Divorce, Separation, Claims for Compensation, Criminal Law, Guardianship Orders, Wills and Powers of Attorney. Only qualified solicitors and lawyers are able to offer legal aid. Many of the lawyers and solicitors listed on this site are able to offer legal aid to clients in Coatbridge and the surrounding areas such as Airdrie and Cumbernauld.

Applying for legal aid

Only those who are financially eligible receive legal aid. If you think you may qualify, then it is important to contact a legal aid solicitor who will be able to advise you further as to whether you qualify. It is essential that you should provide accurate information about your circumstances to allow your lawyer to assess if you qualify for legal aid. If you are granted legal aid you may be required to advise the Scottish Legal Aid Board if there are changes in your financial circumstances. Your solicitor should be able to provide you with further information about the requirements of legal aid. Many of the solicitors listed on this site are able to offer legal aid to clients in Coatbridge and other areas in Lanarkshire such as Airdrie, Hamilton, Cumbernauld and  Motherwell.

We list a number of Coatbridge Solicitors, law firms also lawyers from surrounding areas such as Airdrie, Motherwell, Hamilton and Cumbernauld:

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